Tayga Beach Club Maruggio

Tayga Beach: discovering one of the most exclusive beach clubs in the Ionian Sea

Close your eyes and imagine you are on a beautiful beach, lulled by the lapping of the sea. Now open them: you are at Tayga Beach Club, a true corner of paradise in the heart of the Ionian coast of Puglia.

Let’s discover together all that this exclusive beach club offers and what to see in the surroundings of Maruggio.

Tayga Beach Club: services

If you are looking for the beauty of the sea but also for an exclusive beach club, you will find everything you want in this beach club in Maruggio. We are in the province of Taranto, in one of the most famous areas of the Ionian coast of Salento.

Here nature is generous and offers a spectacle that is hard to forget and Tayga is the perfect destination for a day of pure pleasure by the sea.

Tayga Beach offers a wide range of services for those who want sun, sea and relaxation. But that’s not all.

The beach is equipped to meet the needs of the most demanding bathers. There are 135 beach umbrellas, 5 private sails, 35 lounge beds, 100 solariums and 3 private orbits.

There are those who prefer the beach umbrella solution, which also includes two sunbeds, and those who prefer the solarium area, which is one of the most exclusive. Here you can rent comfortable sunbeds with curtains to protect you from the sun. For those who want to experience moments of absolute relaxation, there is a wide choice of lounge beds, private orbits and private sails.

The bathing establishment is also fully accessible to all, with bathrooms and changing rooms designed for the disabled and without architectural barriers. The facility, in fact, is accessible in every area even by wheelchair and a special wheelchair is provided for the beach.

But the Tayga also cares about respect for the environment, an essential element in safeguarding the beauty of the area in which it is located.

Not only sunbeds and umbrellas: there is much more to do and discover here.

Tayga Beach Maruggio

Tayga is perfect for those who love good food. The bar and the sea-view restaurant are two of the jewels in the establishment’s crown. A high quality gastronomic proposal designed for the most refined palates. There are many dishes on a rich and complete menu that goes well with an extensive wine list designed to create perfect pairings.

And that’s not all: Tayga is the perfect location for an exclusive beach wedding by the sea. The structure is designed to host elegant and refined events, including weddings. After all, Salento is one of the favourite destinations for those who choose to get married by the sea.

Tayga Beach: clubbing

Between sun, sea, relaxation and excellent cuisine, Tayga is the ideal destination for those who want to discover this corner of Puglia. But that’s not all. Tayga is also fun. This exclusive beach club hosts many of the coolest events of the Salento summer.

Those who love music and want to experience unforgettable moments cannot fail to appreciate the vast calendar of events at Tayga Beach.  From aperitifs to sunsets, fun is at home here. Internationally renowned guests and great people, from late afternoon to night: this and much more is Tayga Beach.

What to see in and around Maruggio

Probably not everyone knows this, but the municipality of Maruggio is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The small village has about 5000 inhabitants and is about 40 km from Taranto. We are at the foothills of the Murge Tarantine, in the north-west of Salento, in the heart of the Ionian coast. The coast of Maruggio, which also includes the district of Campomarino, is about 9 km long and rich in beauty and Mediterranean scrub: a spectacle for the eyes and the heart.

Among the most interesting sights is the Mother Church of Maruggio, which dates back to the 15th century and is located in the town’s historic centre. The church was rebuilt after the 1743 earthquake that affected the area and was renovated during the last century. Inside there is a crypt that holds the body of San Costanzo.

The Church of San Giovanni Battista Penitente is also very interesting. It dates back to the same period and was built at the request of the Knights of Malta. The church was closed for worship and was private property for years. In 2016 it was purchased by the Municipality of Maruggio for the creation of the Multimedia Museum of the Order of Malta.

The Church of Santa Maria del Tempio is probably an ancient Templar fortress and therefore worthy of note.

But there is much more to Maruggio. The old town centre is full of interesting buildings and palaces that stand among the small alleyways that criss-cross it. A peculiarity of the area are the whitewashed houses that are on a par with the richly decorated palaces of the old lords. Also of interest are the Clock Tower and the castle.

Maruggio is also a perfect starting point for those wishing to visit the surrounding area. A few kilometres away, for example, are Torre Lapillo and Porto Cesareo, two other pearls of the Ionian Salento.

We are in Terra d’Arneo, in an area of coastal dunes and nature reserves. Here, in fact, lies the regional nature reserve “Palude del Conte and Duna Costiera”.

One of the peculiarities of Porto Cesareo is the presence, a few metres from its coast, of two small islands. The most famous is known as Isola dei Conigli (Rabbit Island) and is a small island covered in pines and acacias. The second is Isola della Malva. Here the seabed is partly rocky and rich in corals and partly sandy.

For lovers of bilogy, we recommend the Museum of Marine Biology, which tells the story of the Ionian Sea.

Porto Cesareo is also known for having the largest of the coastal towers in the area. This is the Torre Cesarea, which gives its name to the town and also characterises the image that can be seen from the sea.

As mentioned, Maruggio is about 40 km from Taranto. This is undoubtedly a town that deserves a thorough visit, as does Lecce. The capital of Salento is about 50 km away and can be reached in about an hour’s drive. There is so much to see and discover here that a whole day would not be enough.

Maruggio and the Tayga Beach Club await all those who dream of a holiday of absolute beauty and relaxation, but also of discovering the area.




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