5 spiagge della costiera amalfitana

5 Beaches on the Amalfi Coast not to be missed

The beaches of the Amalfi Coast can be small and intimate or more famous and decidedly cool. However, what they all have in common is their beauty. After all, this part of the Campania coast is one of the most beautiful in Italy and one of the most envied in the world, and here you will find small, great treasures that are worth getting to know.

Choosing the 5 beaches of the Amalfi Coast not to be missed is an arduous task, because they are all wonderfull. The Cocobuk team chose those that must be visited at least once in a lifetime to say that you have had a direct contact with Beauty.

The Amalfi Coast, the pearl of the Mediterranean

Between cliffs, sea, colours and villages, the Amalfi Coast is one of the pearls of the Mediterranean Sea. Breathtaking landscapes, glimpses and a glamorous charm: this area of Campania is one of the most famous and dreamed of in the whole world.

Amalfi, Positano and Ravello are just some of the most popular destinations. After all, the Amalfi Coast extends from the slopes of the Lattari mountains to the sea. We are in the heart of the province of Salerno, in an area rich in villages and colourful houses, crystal clear sea, coves and cliffs that stand proud as symbols of beauty.

Discovering the Amalfi Coast means immersing yourself in a land that has so much to show, so much to tell and so much to offer. With breathtaking scenery, paths for walking and landscapes to admire, everything here deserves to be discovered with the enamoured eyes of a tourist constantly in search of beauty.

The beaches on the Amalfi Coast are located right here, in this setting of authentic splendour and although they are not always easy to reach they are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

When talking about the coast, glamorous destinations and jet-set places come to mind. But we can assure you that there is much more to discover.

The 5 most beautiful beaches on the Amalfi Coast for Cocobuk’s team

We have selected 5 beaches on the Amalfi Coast to recommend for your discovery of this beautiful area. Fasten your seatbelts and come with us to discover the magic.

Castiglione Beach – Ravello

Among the beaches of the Amalfi Coast, this is perhaps one of the least known of the area, but at the same time one of the most beautiful. Castiglione beach, located in Ravello, is hidden away and not yet affected by the frenetic mass tourism that invades the better known areas of Positano or Amalfi during the summer.

Here, unspoilt nature reigns supreme and this translates into a breathtaking landscape that opens up before the eyes of those who arrive in the area to discover this little beach. To get there, you have to climb about 175 steps, but when you get there the landscape is one of those that can gratify the eyes and make you forget the effort. A cove of fine gravel and small stones set between cliffs and an emerald green sea that makes you dream: you couldn’t ask for more.

The shallow waters also make this beach perfect for children.

Atrani Beach – Atrani

Atrani beach is certainly better known and more popular. However, you have to plan your visit in advance, as the beach’s car park can only accommodate a very small number of cars and you will have to deal with this detail. It is also worth remembering that during the summer months access is forbidden to non-residents. You can leave your car in Amalfi and walk to Atrani through a beautiful panoramic road to enjoy the beauty of this beach.

Dead Horse Beach – Maiori

Also known as Baia Bellavaia this area is beautiful and uncontaminated: a real treasure to be discovered like a local. A peculiarity is the sandy beach that caresses a calm and turquoise sea. We would like to underline that today the bay is accessible only by sea and that is why it is never crowded, but frequented only by those who love this kind of experience.

Bay of Nerano

Another beautiful beach is the Bay of Nerano. The bay of Nerano was already famous at the time of the Ancient Romans and today is one of the most popular and coolest areas of the Amalfi Coast. It is a pebbly beach that is matched by unspoilt nature. A perfect combination, which has led the area to be awarded the Blue Flag for several years.

The beach, appreciated by snorkellers for its seabed, has been popular since ancient times and has remained one of the jewels in the crown of this area.

Fornillo Beach – Positano

One of Positano’s beaches could not be left out of our selection. We have chosen Fornillo beach because it is the least chaotic. After all, when you think of Positano, you think of the Dolce Vita in Positano, with its VIPs and high society.

Of all the beaches in the town, Fornillo is the quietest and one of the most unspoilt and beautiful to see and discover. With its pebbles, crystal-clear sea and Mediterranean maquis, Fornillo beach is a must-see if you are in the area.

If you don’t want to stay in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, we recommend Vico Equense. Here, too, there are beautiful facilities and you are not far from the most beautiful areas of the coast. Not only that, there are also plenty of beach resorts in and around Vico Equense that you can book with Cocobuk to make the experience even more complete and visit another equally beautiful and scenic stretch of the Campania coast.


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