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5 Italian seaside villages not to be missed

Which are the 5 Italian seaside villages not to be missed? There are certainly more than five in our beautiful Italy, but the team of Cocobuk have decided to identify 5 possible destinations for your next holiday. Ready to go?

Among the Italian villages by the sea there are real gems that the whole world envies us and that are definitely to discover. Some are better known and others less, but they share the unique beauty that only a town on the sea can provide. Here are our 5 Italian villages by the sea to discover.

Italian seaside villages: Polignano a Mare

The first of the seaside villages we would to present is Polignano a Mare. Here in the heart of the province of Bari there is one of the most beautiful stretches of the Apulian Adriatic coast. The village of Polignano a Mare is appreciated all over the world for its undisputed beauty. The beach of Lama Monachile is one of the most beloved views in Puglia.

borghi italiani di mare Polignano a Mare

This cove, that over the years has become one of the symbols of Polignano a Mare, is heavenly and has nothing to envy to far more exotic destinations. Here you can have a beautiful view, watching the spectacle that appears in front of your eyes. In the middle of a cleft rock rises the small beach of Cala Monachile, surrounded by cliffs and caressed by the intense blue of the Adriatic Sea.

Entering the historic centre of Polignano a Mare, it is possible to discover the typical architecture of this part of Puglia. From the many panoramic terraces overlooking the sea you can admire unique views of breathtaking beauty. Among the many small shops and restaurants in the historic centre of Polignano a Mare you can get lost and spend a few hours as a real local. Remember that here we are very close to another beautiful village, Monopoli.

Italian sea villages: Procida

If you want to stay in the South of Italy, we reccomend Procida. This is also one of the most beautiful seaside villages in Italy. Like Polignano a Mare, Procida is one of the most popular destinations for Italians and foreigners looking for an unforgettable experience.

borghi marittimi italiani Procida

We are in the province of Naples and, to be precise, in the heart of the Gulf of Naples. Procida is the Capital of Culture 2022 and is an ancient fishing village, small and colourful. A true symbol of what Italian seaside villages are all about.

Corricella is, without doubt, one of the most iconic areas of the town. It is the part that was once inhabited by fishermen and is recognisable by the presence of the many colourful houses that make the landscape cheerful and unique. In this area, between one touch of colour and another, stands the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Italian villages by the sea: Burano

Travelling the length of the boot, we arrive at Burano. This small fishing village off the coast of Venice is the perfect destination for those seeking a romantic getaway or for those who want to immerse themselves in the beauty of the lagoon and the intense colour that characterises the island.

borghi di mare in Italia Burano

Burano is known all over the world and is, without doubt, one of the symbols of Italy itself. Visitable in a single day, the village is known to be a concentration of colours and joy. This is also the home of needlepoint lace.

You can come here directly from Venice and wander through the many little alleyways, full of small, colourful, two-storey houses of the same size. It is said that it was the fishermen who decided to make this village so colourful, so that they could always locate their house when they arrived from the sea, even on gloomy days.

Maritime villages in Italy: Camogli

Moving on to Liguria, we can not fail to mention Camogli. This is also one of the best known and most appreciated Italian seaside villages. Certainly one of the most beautiful and evocative in Northern Italy.

borghi italiani vicini al mare Camogli

The most scenic spot is, without doubt, the small port of Camogli, which appears in so many shots and is beautiful to look at. Many colourful buildings line the seafront and frame the small pebble beaches. Camogli is also known as the city of a thousand white sailing ships, because it was once one of the main maritime powers in northern Italy.

The historic centre of Camogli is a little gem to discover, with typical restaurants and many local craft shops. Here you can switch off and recharge your batteries. The destination is perfect especially for couples who love Liguria, but in reality it is perfect for every type of tourist.

These are just a few of the Italian seaside villages you should visit at least once in your life. There are so many, from North to South, and they are part of that marvellous heritage that the whole world envies us. After all, our peninsula is kissed by the sea and the sun, two elements capable of making life more beautiful.


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