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5 things to do in Monopoli: our tips

For those who plan to spend their next holidays in Apulia, here is a list of 5 things to do in Monopoli that is one of the most popular destinations of the Apulian summer.

Caressed by crystalline water Monopoli is a small treasure that rises about 40 km from Bari. The beauty of this place will make your vacation an unique and unforgettable experience.

Those who arrive in Monopoli can only be enchanted by the beauty of this city and of the ancient port that offers a beautiful sea view in the lively heart of the town.

Monopoli is also known as the city of  “Hundred Contrade”. The agro area is divided into many “contrade” rich in centuries-old olive trees, in old churches and in very beautiful masserie that identify the history of the territory.

But what to do in Monopoli during a weekend or during a summer vacation? Cocobuk have compiled a series of tips to keep in mind. Here they are.

Here are 5 things to do in Monopoli: the list

There is so much to do, so much to see and so much to eat in Monopoli. Like any city on the Bari coast, Monopoli is a real apulian experience. Keep in mind our tips.

Discover the most beautiful beaches of Monopoli

Monopoli has beautiful beaches right in the city center. Walking through the streets of the center you can notice the spectacle of the Porta Vecchia beach, right around the corner from the entrance to the picturesque historic center of Monopoli.

5 cose da fare a Monopoli Porto Vecchio

There are many coves in the city that are very popular with both Monopolitans and those arriving from all over the world. Yes, because in Monopoli it is not uncommon to hear different languages spoken, as tourists arrive here from all over Europe and not only attracted by the beauty of the sea and the town.

In Monopoli there are also some of the most beautiful beaches in Apulia. Between the city center and the maritime district of Capitolo there is plenty of choice.

Advice? Book a place on the beach in Monopoli with Cocobuk. The best bathing establishments in Monopoli are present on our platform and can be booked with a few clicks.

Here with exclusive locations and aperitifs at sunset fun is guaranteed. Seeing is believing.

Visit the Castle of Monopoli

Walking along the seafront of Monopoli it is impossible not to notice the beautiful castle that embellishes the scenery.

The Carlo V Castle of Monopoli is fully included among the fortifications of the coastal area wanted by Charles V. The imposing structure of this castle goes well with the beauty of the area in which it stands.

Its pentagonal shape immediately brings to mind the fortresses of the 16th century, but the shape of the entrance tells us that the existing structure has incorporated a pre-existing cylindrical tower and the basements that today are the house of the Basilian church of San Nicola della Pinna, a small church very interesting from an architectural point of view.

The castle is now home to exhibitions and events, as well as a municipal hall for civil weddings.

A tour in the historic center of Monopoli

The Monopoli Castle is located in the heart of the historic center of the city. It is located a stone’s throw from one of the most evocative views of the city: the Ancient Port, one of the most photographed spots and the perfect setting for many films shot right here.

The Ancient Port of Monopoli is pure poetry and captivates anyone who looks at it. But this is not the only point of value to visit. Very beautiful and much loved, both by Monopolitans and tourists, is the Cathedral of the Madonna della Madia, patron saint of the city.

Its very recognizable bell tower is one of the symbols of Monopoli and stands tall, characterizing its view. The interior of the church is in pure Baroque style with a beautiful Latin cross nave full of precious marble, columns and curlicues. Both the Diocesan Museum and the Crypt are annexed to the church.

The square in front of the Cathedral is also very beautiful, also the perfect set for many films shot in the area.

This is not the only prominent church in the city. We point out, in fact, the Church of the Amalfitana and the Church of Santa Maria del Suffragio, also known as Del Purgatorio which houses the memento mori. The ancient churches found in the various contrade are also very beautiful and interesting from an architectural point of view.

Piazza Palmieri, with the beautiful Palazzo Palmieri, Piazza Garibaldi and its cafes are other views of the city not to be missed. As is Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, also known as Borgo the Monopolitans call it. This is the central square of the town, a place of aggregation and of many city events.

A tour in the contrade of Monopoli

And after explore far and wide throughout the city, the list of the 5 things to do in Monopoli includes a tour of the contrade.

From the hills to the sea, the contrade of Monopoli are so many and some of them are decidedly peculiar. One of the things that most of all characterize these contrade are the 200 masserie in the Monopolitan area. Taking a tour in search of and discovering these districts and these farms is an experience not to be missed.

Have an evening in Monopoli among the coolest clubs

But among the 5 things to do in Monopoli we have to nclude something inherent to nightlife. After all, they come here from all over the province of Bari and beyond. There are many clubs that populate the historic center of Monopoli.

cosa fare a Monopoli locali


Especially in Piazza Garibaldi there are a series of very nice and very trendy small clubs and bars where you can eat well or have a good drink.

Very nice are also the places that arise on the seafront of Monopoli that allow you to live a food and wine experience overlooking the sea.

Here we are in the heart of the coastal area of the Valle d’Itria, a stone’s throw from trulli and other beauties not to be missed.


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