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The best holiday destinations for 2022: the trips to book

Yes, we know Christmas is coming but the mind is already projected towards ideas for summer holidays 2022.

It always happens like this: when winter comes, you start dreaming of warm places. And what could be better than thinking about the next summer trips?

Let’s look at the 2022 travel trends to start dream together.

The best holiday destinations for 2022: what Italians are looking for

It’s still the end of November, but it’s never too early to start finding the best ideas for the next summer vacation.

The first step is to understand which are the most popular destinations for the next summer. This can help the choice.

Holiday bridges are one of the first things to look at if you are planning a holiday. The first good news? June 2, 2022 is a Thursday and with a long weekend ahead it will inaugurate the summer season.

Although the summer holidays of Italians are concentrated between the months of July, August and September, take a break from everyday life for a while does not hurt.

Long weekends are an excellent opportunity to get out of the usual routine, to recharge and then come back to everyday life with an extra gear.

But what are Italians looking for their summer holidays 2022? First of all, relax and mental well-being. We left behind us some very difficult months, which have changed various perspectives in our lives.

This is also the period of year in which you can read various surveys on upcoming holiday destinations. has identified some.

The travel trends 2022 edition see Italians ready to leave, although with a watchful eye on restrictions and safety. Carpe Diem, this will be the motto that will characterize the next trips.

The survey of the world’s leading hotel booking platform was conducted on a sample of around 24,000 people across 31 countries who were questioned about their travel intentions over the next 12-24 months.

From the responses collected, it is clear that 79% of the sample will travel to leave again, to find some serenity and well-being.

But let’s go talk about the possibile choices.

Italy or abroad? Sea or mountain? Let’s try to make the point.

Sea or mountain? The most trendy choices

The ancient controversy is always the same: sea or mountain?

Those who want to stay in Italy are spoilt for choice. Our country is well known for the beauty of its territory. Bathed by the sea and crowned by the mountains, our peninsula is one of the favorite destinations for travelers from all over the world.

When the time comes, the choice is always difficult and summer travel trends 2022 see the travelers undecided between the two options.

The best choice? The one that allows you to regenerate.

If on the one hand there are those who love the sea, the heat, the lapping of the waves, the saltiness, the dives and the nightlife of seaside destinations, on the other there are those who love to get lost in the wooded paths, at high altitude between trees, mountains and fresh air.

Both the sea and the mountains are a real panacea for the body. The vitamin D of the sun and the clean air you breathe in the mountains are very beneficial and the choice between one and the other must be made according to your tastes.

The best holiday destinations for 2022 in Italy

Italians already have clear ideas. After a year of work the goal is to have fun and find your center of gravity. That’s why the best summer destinations are mostly Italian.

Our country has so much to offer: sea, sun and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world

Here is a list of Italian destinations for holidays 2022.


Apulia is once again one of the favourite regions of the Italian summer. Between a beautiful sea, long beaches, cliffs, farms, olive trees and lots of greenery, in this region beauty reigns supreme.

Remember that for the National Geographic the heel of Italy is the most beautiful region in the world. In fact, Puglia was awarded the “Best Value Travel Destination In The World Prize 2021“.

How to organize holidays in Puglia? You can choose a beautiful farm in the countryside of Puglia, making an experience between local and luxury. We’ll take care of the beaches at Cocobuk. On our platform you can find and book online the best beaches of Puglia by entering the destination of interest and selecting the date.


Campania is another region that stands out when looking for the best destination for beach holidays in Italy. After all, here are some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Positano, Amalfi, but also Naples and Salerno are examples of destinations to consider for a perfect holiday. A tour of the beach clubs in Campania can help you choose your destination.

And that’s not all.In addition to the sun, the sea, the architectural richness, Campania is synonym for pizza and good food. Pizza is one of the symbols of Naples and Italy in the world and here finds its kingdom.


Wonderful destination loved all over the world, Sicily deserves to be re-evaluated by the Italians too.

The island is among the most beautiful and evocative, thanks to the presence of Etna that enchants and conquers.

Sicily has some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. The beaches of Lampedusa, San Vito Lo Capo, Mondello, the Scala dei Turchi, the Zingaro Nature Reserve are some of the most beautiful destinations in Italy. Who wants to spend the summer in Sicily is spoiled for choice.

These are just some of the first tips to take if you are starting to think about summer 2022. We must always remember that the perfect destination is the one that is able to make you forget even the most difficult year.


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