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Gargano caves: where are the most beautiful ones

Do you know the Gargano caves? Along the Gargano coast, and to be precise between Vieste and Mattinata, there are some very beautiful though little known sea caves.

The scenery here is very impressive and gives several insights for those who are looking for a dream vacation.

Before discovering all the sea caves of the Gargano, here is a bit of history. The first ones were discovered by a Viestan fisherman during the 1950s. The discovery was completely accidental, as the fisherman who discovered them found shelter there during a storm. From that moment, however, he also became the first guide for visits to the Gargano caves, which thus began to become known to those who visited the area.

Discovering Gargano caves

The first cave to be known, also because it is the closest to Vieste, is Grotta Sfondata. Its name tells us a lot and indicates that the upper part of this cave has collapsed over the centuries. All this makes it unique, because it is an open cave in its upper part where beautiful pine trees have sprouted and are reflected in the blue waters of the sea. A spectacle of nature.

There are two entrances to Grotta Sfondata, and lovers of beaches and picturesque landscapes will be pleased to discover that there is a small beach inside it.

Among the Gargano caves, the Cave of Dreams is also not to be missed. Here, too, the name tells us so much and above all it tells us about the beauty of the Aleppo pine trees that frame it and make it unique.

Also peculiar is the Cave of Smugglers, which was named for its two exits that were used precisely by those who smuggled to escape. Going beyond this small detail, the landscape here is also spectacular. Above the cave also rises a beautiful Gargano trebuchet.

Grotta Smeralda and Grotta delle Sirene are undoubtedly two of the most beautiful of the Gargano caves.

The former gets its name from the color of the waters, but some also call it the Bat Cave. The Cave of the Sirens, on the other hand, owes its name to the presence of these legendary and bewitching figures. Although mermaids do not exist, visiting this cave you can almost hear their suave singing. Try it to believe.

The Cave of the Swallows is known because the very birds that have always symbolized spring have nested there. We have, then, the Pharaoh’s Cave, which is so called because of its two communicating entrances. Entering inside this cavern you will enjoy a beautiful spectacle, as the sea, lights and colors are unforgettable.

The Cave of Tomatoes is also very beautiful. The name, in this case, does not tell us the truth because we are actually not talking about the vegetables specifically but about the tomato-shaped mollusks that are attached to the walls. Singular, isn’t it?

We also point out Grotta Campana, which resembles in shape a bell about 70 meters high. But among the most beautiful Gargano caves is also the Grotta Calda.

In this case the name is given by the high water temperatures and also the humidity rate. It is a natural pool in which many people like to dive.

The Gargano coast seen from the sea

A visit to discover the caves of the Gargano allows one to experience a unique thrill. The Gargano coastline seen from the sea gives a very impressive panorama.

One can discover white cliffs, sandy beaches but also the most hidden coves that can only be reached by boat. Pine forests, gorse and lush, typically Mediterranean vegetation frame the coast even better and contrast with the emerald sea.

If you want to discover and visit the Gargano caves, you can take advantage of discovering Vieste from the sea. From here you will have a unique and evocative viewpoint of what is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Gargano Apulia. In this way one will discover the small island of Faro, then that of Portonuovo. You will enjoy all the beauty of the San Felice Arch, which is undoubtedly one of the symbols of Vieste and its beauty.

This area is rich in beauty. The mountain of the sun, as so many like to call the Gargano, is home to so many places that deserve to be known that are to this day less well known than those in Salento or the Valle d’Itria and the Costa dei Trulli but whose beauty is beyond question.

For those who want to experience a vacation away from the more touristy destinations of Puglia, the Gargano is the perfect destination. Here you will find everything you need for a vacation of sea, sun and relaxation. Families with children in tow, couples looking for a romantic getaway, groups of young people in the mood for fun: the Gargano is the destination for every tourist.




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