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How to choose a family friendly beach?

The summers go by but one question never changes: how to choose a family-friendly beach? Anyone who is starting to plan their next summer holiday knows that if you have children, it is worth looking for a family-friendly beach.

And this is where the question arises. How do you find the best family-friendly beaches in Italy? Here is a list of tips that we at Cocobuk would like to give to those who are in the process of organising their holiday.

What are family friendly beaches?

Family-friendly beaches: what does this mean? It means that they are ready to welcome families, more or less numerous and with more or less small children.

If you’re travelling with children, you have to take into account the needs of the whole family. It’s not always easy to accomodate everyone, especially when you have children of different ages. But with a few tips you can manage it.

Everyone is welcome at family-friendly beaches. Here the little ones can have fun and the parents can relax. Does that sound like a dream? No, these beaches are becoming more and more popular in Italy and are not hard to find. Now we explain how to choose the one closest to your needs.

Choosing the perfect family beach

Not everyone knows this, but there are Green Flag beaches. Have you ever heard about them? These are child-friendly beaches, selected by a number of Italian paediatricians who give advice on the best destinations to suit the needs of children.

Looking for Green Flag beaches is the first tip to follow, but there are others too. The choice of family-friendly beaches should be based on child-proof beaches and establishments. Cocobuk.com can help.  Here you can find all the well-equipped bathing establishments in the area you are interested in and book sunbeds and parasols for the whole family in advance.

Another aspect to consider is the depth of the sea. The most suitable beaches for children are those with shallow sandy bottoms. You should also pay attention to the sandy shore, which should be wide and with widely spaced beach umbrellas.

When awarding the Green Flag, attention is also paid to the sand, which in this case should be fine and should slope down to the sea. It is always preferable to avoid areas with rocks if children are not used to them.

Many family-friendly beaches organise activities for children with music, dancing, kids’ clubs and much more. Fun for the little ones will coincide with relaxation for the older ones. This is why a family-friendly beach is preferable to others.

The presence of family facilities is also very welcome. This means that if there are pizzerias, bars or restaurants in the vicinity of the beach that are also suitable for children, this is a plus that should not be underestimated. It would also be preferable to choose a How to choose a family beach, i.e. one that is well equipped to accommodate families. Hotels of this type are springing up in all Italian regions and are becoming increasingly popular.

Organising a family holiday is no longer a mission impossible, and this is finally a sign of the changing times that are adapting to the evolving needs of young and old alike.


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