chiese italiane che si affacciano sul mare venezia

Italian churches overlooking the sea

Italian churches overlooking the sea are part of our cultural heritage, as well as being places of worship.

The beauty of these churches is enhanced by the blue mirror of the sea, which reflects their details and makes them even more magical. There are many in our country, but not everyone knows about them. That is why we are here: to make everyone aware of the special nature of these sanctuaries overlooking the sea.

Italy’s most beautiful churches overlooking the sea

We have selected five Italian churches overlooking the sea to introduce you to those that we consider to be the most characteristic because they are perfectly embedded in breathtaking landscapes.

We must start with the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’Isola in Tropea. Here, everything tells of a timeless magic and this sanctuary overlooking the sea gives us unique emotions. Its style blends perfectly with its surroundings. It is a beautiful medieval construction that stands on a rock overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. A real spectacle for anyone looking at this panorama.

chiese italiane che si affacciano sul mare Tropea

To reach this sanctuary overlooking the sea, you have to climb a flight of steps, but we can assure you that once at the top, the view is one that will remain in your mind forever. After visiting the sanctuary and enjoying the splendid view, you can continue along Tropea’s seafront promenade, which is well worth the effort, especially for those who love the crystal-clear sea and the turquoise colour that matches everything around it.

Trani Cathedral is also a jewel overlooking the sea. We are in Apulia, on the Adriatic coast, and it is here that this church stands in perfect Romanesque style. Among the Italian churches facing the sea, this is undoubtedly one of the most majestic, thanks also to an imposing bell tower visible from far away.

Chiese italiane affacciate sul mare Trani

Built in Trani stone and begun in 1099, this church was built on the ruins of the former church of Santa Maria della Scala. It is an extremely fascinating building set in a landscape that manages to capture the attention of all visitors who come to the city and who cannot fail to be enchanted by so much beauty.

Venice also has a little gem to discover if you are looking for Italian churches overlooking the sea. It is the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute, which, to tell the truth, is known to most people because it characterises the city’s skyline.

chiese italiane che si affacciano sul mare venezia


This is one of the basilicas of Venice and it is there, perched right on the so-called Punta della Dogana. Here you can enjoy one of the most beautiful and characteristic views in the whole of Venice, as you can enjoy both the view of the Grand Canal and of St Mark’s Basin.

The church is a shining example of Venetian Baroque, as it was built as a votive offering to the Madonna that the Venetians decided to make to celebrate the liberation of the city from the plague. Since 1921 it has been a minor basilica.

Our list also includes the Abbey of San Fruttuoso. We are a stone’s throw from Portofino, in the Bay of San Fruttuoso, which is part of the municipality of Camogli. We are inside the Monte di Portofino Land and Sea Park, which makes it all the more beautiful and special. The church, which overlooks the sea, is dedicated to the Catalan saint Fruttuoso of Tarragona. His ashes are kept in the sacred places of this abbey. It is a real pearl that deserves to be known, also because we are in one of the most beautiful areas of Italy.

chiese italiane sul mare san fruttuoso

A bonus

Less well known, but no less picturesque, is the hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso, located in the province of Varese. Here we are not by the sea, but on Lake Maggiore, but this too is a place of prayer that is made even more fascinating by a stretch of water. Surrounding the hermitage, also set on the rock, is a monastic complex comprising the churches of San Nicolao and Santa Maria Nova. Although this complex is of later date, the view is breathtaking and everything here is homogeneous. Those who observe this panorama, this hermitage set in the rock and the crystal clear water of the lake enjoy a sublime view.

eremo lago maggiore

As you can see, there are many Italian churches overlooking the sea. Those presented here are only the best known and most characteristic, but there are many others. From north to south and even on the smallest Italian islands, there is at least one place of worship that overlooks the sea.

Take, for example, the small church of San Gavino a Mare in the Gulf of Asinara in Porto Torres. It is a small whitewashed church that reflects the sun’s rays and is enhanced by the contrast with the blue of the sea. Or the Church of the Santissima Annunziata in Vico Equense. Here, too, we are overlooking the sea: an unparalleled spectacle.

All these Italian churches overlooking the sea have in common is their beauty. They are all built in different styles and in different periods, but they are all beautiful to see as they are set in these unique and breathtaking landscapes. A true Italian beauty to be discovered.


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