Ogliastra: the most beautiful beaches and what to see

Ogliastra is one of the most beautiful and characteristic areas in Sardinia.

We are along the eastern side of Sardinia, between the Gennargentu and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Certainly one of the most characteristic areas of the whole island and not only.

Ogliastra is a land known for its scenic beauty but also for its many natural monuments. Precisely for this reason it is defined as the Amphitheatre on the sea.

Discovering Ogliastra

One of the peculiarities of this area of Sardinia is that the mountainous peaks of the Gennargentu are matched by a sea of inestimable beauty, creating an explosive mix. It is for this reason that in recent years Ogliastra has become one of Sardinia’s favourite tourist destinations.

Its territory, between mountains and sea, has a lot to offer to those who come here. In this corner of Sardinia, nature has given the best of itself. But what does the name Ogliastra come from?

Perhaps not everyone knows, yet this name still has an ambiguous origin. There are two schools of thought. The first suggests that the name derives from the wild olive trees in which this territory is rich; the second, instead, suggests that the name comes from the Agugliastra monolith, which is located high above the sea, right on the coast of Baunei.

Both hypotheses are highly credited, even if one does not prevail over the other. What is certain, however, is that here there are small paradises that create a unique and fascinating marine environment. A true pearl of the Mediterranean in the heart of Sardinia.

Where to go to sea in Ogliastra?

The Ogliastra coastline is a treasure trove of sea and rocks. Starting from the northern area, you can find wild coves that can only be reached by sea or, in the luckiest of cases, on foot. An unspoilt landscape, where nature is the master. A real treasure from a landscape point of view.

But these are not the only treasures of the area. We would like to remind you, in fact, that right here in Ogliastra there are some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy and also in Europe.

We list some of them for those who wonder where to go to sea in Ogliastra. The beaches of Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu and Cala Sisine are very suggestive. However, the one that attracts the most attention is undoubtedly Cala Goritzé.

Moving southwards, one finds the Tancau beach, the Marina di Barisardo and Cardedu, Coccorrocci, the beaches of Cea and Orrì or even the Golfo di Sarrala. These too are characterised by this peculiar and untamed, almost wild beauty that makes them perfect for those seeking an authentic experience.

From here you can then climb up the hills and continue until you reach Gennargentu. The view from its peaks is breathtaking. It is certainly an unforgettable adventure, not only of the sea, but also of Menhirs and Dolmens.

The area is, in fact, also very rich from a historical-archaeological point of view, with finds that refer to eras as distant as they are fascinating.

This is the perfect destination for those looking for a slightly unconventional summer that combines the sea and heavenly beaches with cultural visits and, why not, a good dose of trekking, mountain biking and other sports.

Ogliastra’s 40 km of coastline are wild and ready to welcome those seeking a different experience from that of mass tourism. Here you can find some of the animal species to be protected such as the tufted plover or the Corsican seagull. The area is also important from the point of view of wildlife protection, thanks to the presence of many oases.

And what about, for example, the underwater siphons of the Grotta del Fico where you can meet the monk seal? Ogliastra is the sea, but also much more.

How to arrive in Ogliastra

For those who wishing to arrive in Ogliastra by plane, the reference airport is Cagliari, which is about 1 hour and 52 minutes away by car. This is the largest in Sardinia and the one most easily reached from various national and international airports. Cagliari, a city located in the south of Sardinia, is connected to the province of Ogliastra by the S.S. 125, known as Orientale Sarda.

If, on the other hand, you decide to arrive in Alghero, you should know that the airport is about 219 km from Tortolì and 207 km from Lanusei. To get there, it is necessary to drive along the S.S. 131 towards Macomer first and then Nuoro, taking the S.S. 19. Once in Nuoro, take the S.S. 389 VAR towards Arbatax or Lanusei.

From Oristano, take the S.S. 131 towards Nuoro and then the 389 VAR towards Arbatax or Lanusei. It is also possible to arrive in Olbia and then reach Ogliastra. There are two roads here. The first is a beautiful scenic route that crosses the S.S. 131 and then joins the S.S. 125. The second, less difficult but also less beautiful route involves taking the S.S. 131 and 389 VAR.

As you can see, Ogliastra can be reached from anywhere on the island.

The beauty of these areas is unique and visiting them is very beautiful and evocative. It is certainly an atypical experience for those who are used to the usual tourist routes and think of Sardinia as a Costa Smeralda-style destination. Here, nature is hardly tamed and is inviting for this very reason.


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