pink beaches in Italy

Pink beaches: the most beautiful in Italy

Pink beaches have a very special charm because they are unusual and certainly attractive. But where are the most beautiful pink beaches in Italy?

We must say that in our country they are quite rare, while in some more exotic places there are a few more. However, it is precisely this rarity that makes them highly sought after and appreciated.

Pink beaches in Italy: here’s where to find them

If you are looking for pink beaches in Italy take notes, we will review the Italian coast to find the most beautiful ones.

We will point out those in Sicily, Sardinia and even Basilicata. That is precisely why we are starting this tour.

We start with the pink beach in Marsala, Sicily. The area is very popular with Sicilians and non-Sicilians alike, especially those who love trekking. We are in the vicinity of the Salina di Marsala and, to tell the truth, here we should speak of pink sea rather than beach. What makes the sea pink? Precisely the presence of the salt mine, which gives the sea this very special nuance.

In this area there is the marvellous Stagnone reserve that is famous precisely for the possibility of birdwatching and trekking, walking among the beautiful mills reflected in the pink waters. The landscape is absolutely stunning and it is impossible not to be enchanted by such beauty. Nature has done its best in this area, as there is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Italy, one that the whole world envies us.

Let us move on in search of the pink beaches in Sardinia. We are on the island of Budelli and it is here that we find this fantastic beach of soft, pink sand. The little island is located in the beautiful La Maddalena Archipelago National Park. It used to be privately owned, but became part of the national park from 2016 onwards. The pink beach of Budelli is probably the most famous beach in Italy and also one of the most picturesque.

The island is uninhabited, but there are many tourists, Italian and otherwise, who come to visit every year, mainly because of the beauty of this beautiful pink beach. It is possible to get to Budelli’s pink beach only and exclusively by sea. You can choose private boats or ferries. In particular, one must reach the Costa Smeralda or La Maddalena and then embark for the islet.

Returning southwards, we also find the pink beach of Basilicata. The pink beach of Policoro is another example we must give. It is a beach of fine white sand, which turns completely pink with the colours of the sunset, increasing even more the charm of this area, which is one of the most beautiful in the whole of Basilicata.

Pink beaches are unique and they are all beautiful. Precisely because they are rare, they bring to mind exotic paradises, yet to visit them you need only travel up and down our beautiful peninsula.


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