spiagge più belle della calabria tirrenica e jonica

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Calabria: between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea

The 800 km of Calabrian coastline contain some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. You can discover some real treasures. We have selected the 10 most beautiful beaches in Calabria, straddling the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas: a little help for those who are in search of the ideal summer holiday destination.

This land, kissed by the sea and the sun, is spoilt for choice in terms of scenic beauty and beaches to discover. Between ancient villages, beaches and cliffs, nature seems to reach its maximum splendour here. Calabria is a land to be discovered, starting with the most beautiful beaches. Let’s discover them together.

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Calabria: our recommendations on the Tyrrhenian coast

It is difficult to make a selection of the most beautiful beaches in the region, because you are spoilt for choice. We have selected 10 unmissable beaches in Calabria, some sandy and some not. A small glimpse of the fantastic things this area has to offer.

Tropea’s beaches are certainly among the best known and most beautiful in Calabria. We are on the Tyrrhenian side of Calabria, in the province of Vibo Valentia. This small village is worth visiting both for the beauty of the sea, which here is turquoise, and for the architecture. Palaces, narrow streets, squares: Tropea is a jewel to be discovered during an unforgettable holiday.

most beautiful beaches in Calabria Tropea

Suspended between the crystal clear sea, the sky and its beaches, Tropea attracts tourists from all over the world every year, who come here enchanted by what the area has to offer and by the good Calabrian cuisine. Arriving in the village of Tropea, you immediately realise that the town is divided into two parts. One part is perched on a rocky outcrop and the other is a seaside area, close to the sea, which is mainly populated during the summer.

To reach these beaches, which are among the most beautiful in Calabria, there are roads, narrow streets and stairways that lead from some of the most enchanting areas of the town directly to the sea.

Rotonda Beach – Tropea (VV)

The first beach we would like to point out is the Rotonda beach, beautiful and recognisable for its white shoreline. This is one of the most beautiful white beaches in Calabria and also one of the most famous. This beach is bordered by the San Leonardo rock, which gives the area a unique appearance.

Grotta della Colomba – Tropea (VV)

For those who are looking for a beautiful but also romantic beach, we have to recommend the Grotta della Palomba, another of the most beautiful beaches in Calabria. It can only be reached by walking along a small island. Here the sand is fine and white. A landscape that has nothing to envy from Caribbean beaches.

Moving on to the coastal area of Capo Vaticano, there are other beaches that are considered among the most beautiful in the region. We are still in the province of Vibo Valentia, in the Tyrrhenian part of the region.

Riaci Beach – Capo Vaticano (VV)

This is one of the beaches of the Costa degli Dei and is also a tongue of very white sand that is caressed by high limestone cliffs and a turquoise sea. Around the beach there are caves that deserve to be explored. A real gem for those who love this type of landscape that will leave you speechless.

Praia I Focu Beach – Capo Vaticano (VV)

Another point to discover in the thyrrenian Calabria is the beach of Praia I Focu. This is located at the end of Capo Vaticano and it is a suggestive and still little known beach. An advantage for those who like to get away a little from the more crowded tourist routes. The high rocks that embrace the expanse of white beach also protect it from wind and weather, so much so that the more daring can bathe all year round.

After discovering the Capo Vaticano area, you can move on to Pizzo Calabro, still following the so-called Costa degli Dei. This small seaside village is appreciated and known all over the world for its characteristics. We are still in the province of Vibo Valentia, more precisely in the Gulf of Sant’Eufemia Lamezia, a stone’s throw from Lamezia Terme, where the region’s airport is located.

Pedigrotta Beach – Pizzo Calabro (VV)

Pedigrotta beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Calabria, but also one of the most characteristic. The area takes its name from the small church of Pedigrotta, which stands in a cave that, in turn, is surrounded by many statues.

This beach, besides being very beautiful, has a long history behind it. Legend has it that around 1600, the Madonna of Pedigrotta saved a sailing ship that had been given up for dead because of a storm. Since then she has been the protector of all seafarers.

The most beautiful beaches in Calabria: the Ionian side

At this point, all that remains is to discover the most beautiful beaches in Ionian Calabria. Here, too, there is an embarrassment of choice in terms of natural beauty and landscapes that will take the breath away even from the most demanding tourist.

We then move on to the province of Crotone where some of the coolest beaches in the region are to be found. Which ones? Let’s find out together.

Gigli Beach -Isola di Capo Rizzuto (KR)

The Gigli beach can be recognised by the presence of some sea lilies that grow spontaneously in the area. We are in the Capo Rizzuto Protected Area and here the crystal clear sea, accompanied by blond sand and wild, steep cliffs pointing to the sky, are the stars. A mix of vibrant and explosive colours that make the beach unique. Worth visiting.

Copanello di Staletti Beach – Staletti (CZ)

We are in the heart of the Orange Coast, halfway between Catanzaro and Soverato. Here lies this beautiful pebble beach that is a true paradise for those looking for a day of full and pure relaxation.

Diamante Beach – Diamante (CS)

This is also one of the most famous areas of Calabria and, in particular, of the Jonian area. We are on the Costa dei Cedri, which is one of the most popular in the whole region. Diamante’s waters are blue and the beach is golden. A true picture that seems to be painted but is real and can be visited by anyone willing to fall in love with this beach.

Pietragrande Beach – Montauro (CZ)

It is impossible to talk about the most beautiful beaches in Ionian Calabria without recommending a dive from the Pietragrande rock. We are in the province of Catanzaro, a stone’s throw from the beautiful Gulf of Squillace. The beach is very beautiful, with its characteristic rock rising out of the sea, but the village of Montauro is also worth a visit when you are in the area. Combining a nice, relaxing and regenerating day by the sea with a bit of art and architecture never hurts.

Blue Oasis rocks of Isca – Amantea (CS)

A WWF oasis has been here since 1991 to protect the species that swim in these seas. You can find dolphins, caretta turtles, sea daisies, posidonia and much more. So much variety to protect and so much beauty to immerse yourself in. This and much more is the Oasi Blu scogli di Isca.

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