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The most beautiful secret beaches in Italy

What are the most beautiful secret beaches in Italy? We all know that everything that is secret and shrouded in mystery has a certain charm. Secret beaches have even more charm because, being little known and difficult to find, they are also far from mass tourism.

By discovering them on a little trip along the Italian coastline, you can come into contact with some of Italy’s most beautiful treasures. Grab your pen, paper and map, we’re about to reveal some great little secrets.

Secret beaches are unique. After all, when you think of a secret something precious always comes to mind, something that must be guarded with love. And this also applies to these beaches that we are about to suggest: they are gems that deserve to be discovered but with delicacy and care.

These beaches are called secret precisely because they are off the beaten track. They are almost protected because of their great beauty, which is undoubtedly to be preserved.

And since this is the time of year when you start dreaming of sea, beaches, nature and adventure, here is a series of secret beaches in Italy. We have identified the most beautiful and the most peculiar, to tell of beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views.

Secret beaches in Italy: the list

Let’s get down to business: here are the most secret and beautiful beaches in Italy.

Let’s start with Sardinia – Cala di Goloritzè. We are in the municipality of Baunei, in the heart of the province of Nuoro, in the southern part of the Gulf of Orosei. To get here, it takes about an hour’s walk along what was once a mule track. It is an effort, especially when the sun is beating down, but we can assure you that the turquoise water and the strangely shaped rocks are worth all the effort. The beach will soon be closed to visitors for a fee, but again, it is well worth the effort. It is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. And for those who don’t want to walk? Cala Goloritzè can also be reached by sea from Cala Gonone or the beach of Santa Maria Navarrese.  All this makes it even more unique.

Moving on to Sicily – Laghetto delle Ondine. We are in Pantelleria and this beach is as beautiful as it is secret. The peculiarity is a small “lake” of volcanic rocks that form natural pools in the sea. Once again, it is only possible to get to the area on foot and the route is not all signposted and there are points where it is necessary to climb. In the vicinity of the Punta Spadillo lighthouse rocks, one must be quite experienced, as climbing is not for everyone. However, when you get there, what peace!

In Calabria – Spiaggia della Marinella di Palmi. We are in a very hidden area of the Costa Viola and to reach this beach, popular with snorkellers and divers, you have to climb a small road and follow paths through the Mediterranean scrub. Once at the destination, a suggestive spectacle opens up, with a postcard-perfect sea. What makes it even more beautiful is the nearby amphitheatre, which hosts many events.

In Apulia – Porto Badisco. We are in the province of Lecce and head towards the deep south of Puglia. Here you can find Porto Badisco beach, one of the most beautiful in the region and beyond. It is said that Aeneas landed here and, although it is a well-known beach, it is not as crowded as other beaches in the Salento. Even to get here, you have to walk along a path, which is why it is counted among the secret beaches.

In Campania – Queen Giovanna Bay. Let’s move on to Sorrento to this hidden beach that can be reached by a path made up of small steps. This is a unique sight: in addition to a beautiful natural pool surrounded by rocks, there are also the remains of what was once a luxurious Roman villa. A unique landscape, to say the least.

The Spiaggia dei 300 Gradini (300 Steps Beach) – Lazio is another must-see on this long journey through secret beaches. We are in Gaeta and to get to the beach there is a path with 300 steps that gives the area its name. Is it worth it? It certainly is. You arrive at a long sandy beach: 1.5 km of unspoilt beauty.

If you climb a little further, you will come across many other secret beaches. We have, for example, the Spiaggia dei Gabbiani (Seagulls’ Beach) which is a fabulous and enchanting place to say the least. We are in the heart of the Conero Riviera amidst white rocks overlooking the sea. The beach is so secret that access is forbidden, but to enjoy the spectacle it is possible to approach the shore by sea.

We also recommend Cala di Forno – Tuscany. We are in the Maremma National Park, amidst woods and Mediterranean scrub. This uncontaminated beach has a Caribbean, paradisiacal feel. It is impossible to resist the charm of this sea.

These are just a few of the most beautiful secret beaches in Italy. They are all to be discovered and enjoyed to the full.


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