what to see in sestri levante liguria

What to see in Sestri Levante: discovering Liguria

Let’s discover together what to see in Sestri Levante, in the heart of the Bay of San Fruttuoso. Deciding to visit Liguria is always a good choice and this could be the ideal destination to discover not only the village but also its surroundings.

Among ancient villages, bays, inlets, the area surrounding Sestri Levante is one of the most beautiful in Italy. Let’s discover together what it has in store for us.

What to see in Sestri Levante: the city

On the list of what to see in Sestri Levante are the many treasures that this small seaside village holds. So treat yourself to a weekend or a few extra days and visit the surroundings as well. You will not regret it.

Between the turquoise sea and the small colourful houses hugging the harbour, visiting Sestri Levante is a unique experience. Not only that: the Ligurian cuisine offers so many emotions even to the most refined palate and this completes the holiday making it nothing short of perfect.

The list of what to see in Sestri Levante starts with its historic centre. Its medieval character immediately catches the eye. From Piazza Matteotti, you can see the beautiful buildings made of typical red bricks that immediately make you leap back in time. But the old town of Sestri is also dotted with small shops of local craftsmen and typical trattorias where you can taste the delights of Ligurian cuisine.

Another beauty to be discovered in the heart of the town is the Basilica of Santa Maria di Nazareth, which was built in the 17th century in the Neoclassical style. All that remains of the original construction today are the two bell towers, which, however, present a mix of different styles since they were completed at different times. Upon entering the interior of the basilica, it is possible to observe various works of art.

The oldest sacred place in Sestri Levante is, however, the Church of San Nicolò dell’Isola. The style is Romanesque and some Baroque interference can also be seen.

One of the most interesting structures is the Rizzi Gallery, which stands a stone’s throw from the seashore. Inside, there are some very beautiful and important works of art to be discovered.

But in the old town centre, there is one building in particular that attracts attention: it is the Palazzo Fascie Rosse, somewhat reminiscent of the Mackenzie Castle in Genoa. Inside is the Municipal Library and the Musel Museum.

Sestri Levante: the beaches

There are many beaches in Sestri Levante to put on your list. So take pen and paper and write down our suggestions.

If you are looking for pure relaxation, you have to start with the Baia del Silenzio, which is considered by many to be the most beautiful area in town. The sea here is a beautiful blue and the golden beach, enclosed in a small inlet, is extremely picturesque.

Small, colourful fishermen’s houses stand here and the boats moored at the pier make everything extremely picturesque. The landscape is colourful and authentic. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas in the entire city. For those who want an intimate and atmospheric experience, it is the ideal place, except on the hottest days of the high season.

There is also the Bay of Fables. There is more space here, which is why the beach is a favourite destination for families or groups of friends. The name of the bay tells us a beautiful story. It tells us of the passage of Andersen, author of the most famous fairy tales ever, who fell in love with this beach and its crystal-clear waters. It is said that the famous tale of The Little Mermaid was born here.

In this area there are several equipped lidos in Sestri Levante, but also a few corners of free beach that are very popular.

For those who love pebbly beaches, we recommend the beach of Riva Trigoso, 10 km from the centre of Sestri. The area is also less crowded than the previous two, although during the months of July and August the number of tourists increases significantly.

In the list of what to see in Sestri Levante the beaches ara at the very first place.

What to see in Sestri Levante: the surrondings

After a list of what to see in Sestri Levante, here there is our list for the surroundings.

If you have time at your disposal, do not miss the surroundings of Sestri Levante as there are some real pearls. The most famous is undoubtedly the beautiful Portofino, which is also one of the most popular destinations in the whole of Liguria.

The town requires no introduction, as its fame and beauty precede it. However, there are also other gems not to be missed.

Santa Margherita Ligure is among them. This village overlooking the sea is recognisable among many for its colourful palazzi and its shopping streets, where handicraft shops and well-known brands alternate. There are also beautiful accommodation facilities here, which have made the area a popular destination for many famous faces.

Among the beauties to be discovered, note the Castle of Santa Margherita Ligure and Villa Durazzo-Centurione. Also, do not miss the opportunity to take a dip in the beautiful waters that lap the coast.

The small houses and beaches of Rapallo are another beauty to mark on your list of things to see. Between panoramic viewpoints and a spectacular sea, beauty is at home here.

The same can be said of Zoagli, another pearl of the Ligurian Riviera that can be visited starting from Sestri Levante.






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